Tuesday, November 14, 2017

40k Game! New Nids vs. Grey Knights 2k

Last night, I played a game at my place with my good friend Tim. He wanted to try out the new Nids book, so he ran Nids and Genestealer Cult. Some of the Nids strategems were really strong, and the Kraken 3d6 advance is also nasty. Their psychic powers were not quite as dominant as I feared, and the Shadow in the Warp rule wasn't too much of an issue. They are fast and hit hard in combat though. The Cult units weren't too bad, but most of them were the Guard parts like the Leman Russ.

I tried out some new units from Grey Knights including the Brotherhood Ancient with the Relic Banner, the Chaplain, and a Psycannon Purgation squad. The D6 wound smite is really powerful, along with the normal Banner buff. The Chaplain did help land some hits, and the Psycannon purgation was ok, but really only shined with the strategem and the Grand Master buff.

We did the standard Maelstrom of War mission. I won 15 to 7 with literally 4 models on the table and a total of 7 wounds. It was a crazy close game.

Of course, here are some pictures!

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