Thursday, May 4, 2017

The New Edition is Coming!

For a long while, I had actually been concerned about the newest edition of 40k and what changes it may bring.

Not gonna lie though, the snippets and changes that GW has leaked so far have put me in a sense of ease. Especially with the information that major GT managers and players gave input into the game. That seals the deal for me.

I hope that everyone is willing to give the game a try. Of course, I understand that the game may change into a speed that many do not prefer, and that is totally fine. That being said, coming into the game looking to find a reason to not like it isn't really fair to the game itself. I think approaching it from a neutral perspective is the best advice here.

Furthermore, as a side note, I hope that the fact GW is handling the rumors and posting them on their own sites will hopefully rid the community of the click bait sites. Now, finally, people can get rumors from a reputable source without the massive amount of ads that cause mobile browsers to crash and computers to slow to a crawl. Not super thrilled with the "steal the link, give title for clicks, profit" mentality. There needs to be some real content.

I hope to play test and post some reviews of my early games. Especially with my Grey Knights. I can't wait to bring them out on the table.

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