Friday, May 5, 2017

Balance in All Things

Besides being a cheesy cliche' from Zenyatta, I've found that phrase to be a good bit appropriate for me right now as a hobbyist.

I am looking to move again and change jobs, hopefully for one last time. As part of that, I am moving back to my former home store of Arkham Games!

This is an exciting part of my move, and I am thoroughly happy to once again call it my home store.

It is interesting, but I never truly understood the value of having a home store and a gaming community that fosters a strong community. For those that know me, I ran at least a dozen tournaments at Arkham Games over the course of a few years. I was the real catalyst behind most of the 40k related activity at the store. Now that mantle has been taken up by a very competent and dedicated Kyle Kirby, a long time attendee of my events.

This move has put me in an interesting position; I can now play in the events at Arkham! It is quite a nice feeling to be once again reinvigorated. Lost Legion has been a decent replacement in the mean time, but through no fault of the community, it's hard to be excited about events when there is an hour drive one way looming. Despite their Magic community, for example, being quite robust, I can hardly ever justify making an FNM, even if the bug bit. I have a modern deck, and a legacy deck I'd like to complete, but I never have the time or the desire, based on that long drive.

In terms of minis and wargaming, there are small communities at Arkham that are in various stages of existence. There is, strictly, about half a dozen games that a few people have the requisite forces in order to play. A few of them have piqued my interest, but frankly, I'm not looking to expand much past 40k and Kings of War. I could also easily expand into AoS and/or Warpath, but for several of the other games, I have little to no interest. At the moment, it is a major matter of finances, but also a matter of hobbying potential. I already have a number of projects on my plate, and I really don't want to load it up beyond a reasonable expectation. I learned my lesson the last time.

Unless there is a crazy new faction that I would go crazy for in either game, Grey Knights and Tau for 40k, and Dwarves and Ogres will remain my only few factions for each game. Luckily, the other two can be substituted in Warpath.

On top of this, of course, I have my video gaming. Heroes of the Storm 2.0 has been awesome so far, and the loot box system is really getting me back into playing the game regularly. With Starcraft being a free release, I have also been playing that quite a bit. Between all of these things, I just only have a finite amount of time for hobbies.

I really have been wanting to blog and post small streams again, but I just seem to lose track and been bogged down. Here's to hoping that will change soon!

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