Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Game Day! 12/21/17 First Outing for Ad Mech

So! The games I played were the first outing I've had with the Adeptus Mechanicus. They were extremely fun to play. The guns and rules were very interesting and unique, and I really felt like they were different than any other faction.

I used the index primarily for the rules, but unfortunately, I lost both games! The first game was a 2v1 with Dark Angels, Eldar, and myself with Ad Mech. It was extremely fun.

The second game was our Space Hulk variant, and it was Orks, Ad Mech, and Space Marines. I placed in second.

As always, here are some pictures!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Random Doubles Tournament! 12/10/17

Arkham Games hosted a Random Doubles Tournament. It was a super casual event with 10 people, with a couple super newbies. It was fun and casual; we used the Open War decks to determine the missions and deployments. Unfortunately, with 10, we had a singleton game going as well as two fully paired games. I took the same custodes list as the 7th, and it worked pretty well again! 

The Open War deck is excellent for pick up games. It makes choosing deployment and mission very simple, and it adds some fun flavor through the ruse and the twist. It worked well for the fun and casual event. 

I have a few pictures, but not nearly as many as usual. Take a look. If you are a casual gamer, or do a lot of pick up games, I highly recommend getting an open war deck. 

Space Hulk Variant and 50 PL Game 12/7/17

So I brought out my newly put together Custodes list, and I took them for a spin. The list was pretty simple:

5 Custodes
5 Storm Shields, 5 Sentinel Blades

5 Custodes
4 Guardian Spears, 1 Vexella

2 Venerable Contemptor Dreadnoughts, 1 with Kheres Assault Cannon, 1 with Multi-Melta

Inquisitor Greyfax

It was a pretty fun list to play, and it turned out to be pretty strong, particular in the Space Hulk scenarios. That list went undefeated that day, which was pretty cool! I got a bunch of pictures to share, so check them out!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Kings of War Tournament! 12.2.17 at Arkham Games

I ran another Kings of War tournament last weekend at Arkham Games. We had 10 participants, which qualifies it for a Master's 1 day standings.

The standings were as follows:
1. Jake 3-0 with 53 points
2. Austin 2-1 with 39 points
3. Mike 2-1 with 38 points
4. Ray 2-1 with 38 points
5. Brad 2-1 with 37 points
6. Joey 2-1 with 36 points
7. Jordan 1-2 with 25 points
8. Scott 1-2 with 24 points
9. Bunni 0-3 with 5 points
10. Jarred 0-3 with 5 points

Best Painted went to Mike with his Abyssals (They have eagle wings and heads with the lime green ooze). 

As normal, I have a huge photo dump of a number of the armies.