Sunday, October 16, 2016

Warhammer 40k Tournament Report!

Hey guys!

On October 8th, I went up to Lost Legion Comics and Games in Charleston, WV for a 2,000 point tournament. We used the Maelstrom of War missions for the games.
I brought the following list:
+++ Centurionstar with Knights (2000pts) +++
++ Space Marines: Codex (2015) (Allied Detachment) (570pts) ++
+ (No Category) + Chapter Tactics [Red Scorpions]
Show FW models * [1. HQ]

+ HQ (175pts) +
Magister Sevrin Loth (175pts) [Bolt Pistol, Force Axe]
+ Troops (65pts)+
Scout Squad (65pts) [4x Boltgun, Camo Cloaks (10pts), 4x Scouts (44pts)]Scout Sergeant (11pts) [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun]

+ Heavy Support (330pts) +
Centurion Devastator Squad (330pts)Centurion (80pts) [Grav-cannon and Grav-amp (25pts), Hurricane Bolter]Centurion (80pts) [Grav-cannon and Grav-amp (25pts), Hurricane Bolter]Centurion (80pts) [Grav-cannon and Grav-amp (25pts), Hurricane Bolter]Centurion Sergeant (90pts) [Grav-cannon and Grav-amp (25pts), Hurricane Bolter, Omniscope (10pts)]

++ Grey Knights: Codex (2014) (GK Nemesis Strike Force) (655pts) ++

+ HQ (155pts) +
Librarian (155pts) [Cuirass of Sacrifice (Replace TDA) (15pts), Frag, Krak and Psyk-out grenades, Melta bombs (5pts),
Nemesis warding stave, Psychic Hood, Psyker [ML 3] (25pts), Terminator Armour]Warlord

+ Troops (255pts) +
Strike Squad (130pts) [Brotherhood of Psykers [ML 1], Frag, Krak and Psyk-out grenades]Grey Knight (psycannon) (35pts) [Psycannon (15pts)]3x Grey Knight (sword) (60pts) [3x Nemesis force sword, 3x Storm bolter]Justicar (35pts) [Melta bombs (5pts), Nemesis force sword, Storm bolter]
Strike Squad (125pts) [Brotherhood of Psykers [ML 1], Frag, Krak and Psyk-out grenades]Grey Knight (psycannon) (35pts) [Psycannon (15pts)]3x Grey Knight (sword) (60pts) [3x Nemesis force sword, 3x Storm bolter]Justicar (30pts) [Nemesis force sword, Storm bolter]
+ Lords of War (245pts) +
Kaldor Draigo (245pts) [Frag, Krak and Psyk-out grenades, Iron Halo, Psyker [ML 2], Storm bolter, Storm Shield, Terminator Armour, The Titansword]

++ Imperial Knights: Codex (2015) (IK Oathsworn Detachment) (775pts) ++
+ Lord of War (775pts) +
Knight Gallant (360pts) [Ironstorm Missle Pod (30pts), Meltagun (5pts), Reaper Chainsword, Thunderstrike Gaunlet]

Knight Warden (415pts) [Avenger Gatling Cannon w/ Heavy Flamer, Meltagun (5pts), Reaper Chainsword, Twin Icarus Autocannon (35pts)]

It was a thoroughly brutal list, bringing a number of hard to kill, with a lot of damage output units. Unfortunately, I did not plan very effectively for Maelstrom missions and it proved to be my downfall in my first game.

Game 1: My first game was against Tim who had brought Dark Eldar and Eldar. His list included 3 Scourge units, 2 Reaver units, 10 Wraithguard with a webway toting Succubus, a Wraithknight and 4 Eldar jetbike units with scatter lasers.
As you can imagine, I was wrecked by the Maelstrom objectives. I just didn't have the comparative speed that Tim's army brought. I was slow, and in addition, one of my Knights was 6'd by a Wraithknight D-Cannon.
After that, I was left with just my deathstar mowing down units and slowly attempting to lumber across the battlefield to no avail. I lost 13-7.

Game 2
After having lost, I was near the bottom of the pile. I had Eric as my next opponent who played a Harlequin list with some Dark Eldar allies. He had a number of venoms with Wracks, a Webway portal Talos and Chronus, a few big close combat jetbikes, and some Starweavers. Against, a very fast army in Maelstrom.

It turned out though that the dice would go wildly in my favor. My Centurionstar ended up failing the invisibility power, to which Eric took full advantage of... but he wiffed majorly. They ended up winning combat resolution.. and again the game was over from there, losing 3 units from the combat. I struggled to gain objectives, but I was able to pull it out with a few choice maelstrom cards. I won 13-7.

Game 3
This game was interesting. I played against Genestealer cults for the first time ever, and it was my opponent's (Craig) third game with them. They are full of shenanigans in terms of deployment, and they could really pack a punch in close combat.

Craig has 2 big squads of Bullgryn, a pack of Genestealers with a Patriarch, a magus with some hybrids, a Leman Russ exterminator, a Company Command Squad, a Sentinel  and a squad of rogue guardsmen.

Again, the dice were on my side. Craig failed a super important charge roll against some Grey Knight strike marines holding an objective. That cost him nearly 3 or Maelstrom points in that one turn. It was still a really close game, with my Knights and Deathstar marching around, teleporting and killing enough stuff to rack up Maelstrom. I won 12-9.

With a 2-1 record and 32 maelstrom points, I was able to pull out 2nd place! There was no entry fee, but I still earned 15 dollars store credit! That was nice, because I was able to buy a third Riptide for a really good price (they also had a big time sale!).

It was a really fun tournament, and I had a great time. The Centurionstar really did work, and the Knights were a fun element. For Maelstrom missions, I think the 3 Dreadknights are a must, as they allow me to take more objectives and be a bit more speedy. It would also help me to clear out objectives, something I struggled with in certain games without ignores cover on my centstar.

Next time, I'll be sure to get pictures to add to the blog. I completely forgot about pictures in the middle of the game. 

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