Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Thoughts on the Current Meta for 40k

Hey guys!

A reader asked for some of my thoughts about the current meta for 40k, and here they are right now.

  • Sisters of Silence and Custodes could be really cool, but at the moment, they are unbound only. That makes them mostly irrelevant. 
  • Genestealer Cults have the potential to be really nasty with some first turn assault shenanigans. They also provide extremely cheap guardsmen equivalent that are a good bit better for their points. I think they will be fringe playable, essentially serving as hilarious counter picks. 
  • Gladius builds are still really good for objective based missions. 
  • Daemons with the Corruption force organization chart are also still really good for objective based missions. 
  • Daemons still have the best diversity of lists, with the most tools to handle nearly all situations. 
  • Eldar and their undercosted units are still annoyingly good. 
  • All other armies remain in a similar spot of occasionally having 1 or 2 break out builds, but lose to the top builds (Eldar, SM, Tau, Daemons)
What are your thoughts?

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