Monday, January 19, 2015

New Game Store (Sorta)

This past Saturday, I took a trip out to see Lost Legion, the game store I had found when I first came down to McDowell County about solidifying this job. Come to find out, the store has been replaced!

The store is now called Crit Hit Comics & Games in Princeton WV. Let me tell you, they made a huge improvement! Some rearranging and a new coat of paint made the place look brand new! The folks at the counter were extremely friendly, and they seemed very willing to work with the gaming communities!

I posted the link to their Facebook page here. They also have a website, but it seems to be in the building phase.

I may be running some tournaments here in the near future, so check it out!

Terrain and Table Top

With the move to the new place, I have an entire room for hobby and gaming. It's a pretty small little bedroom, but it fits a table and some extra space perfectly!

My friend Rob is a crafty fellow, and he has a ton of sculpy that we have used to make some terrain. He made these two pieces you see above, placed on top of the awesome FAT mat I bought for the table. We are slowly working on other terrain pieces, and surprisingly, clay works out pretty well! It is also significantly cheaper than plastic terrain pieces.

I've always wanted to have my own 40k table again. Slowly, but surely, it will happen!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Screenshot Worth Saving

Worthwhile 3 person missions. I wanted to save them somewhere to use in the future! Try it out!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Things have been a little crazy as of late. Along with a new house and a new job though, I have also found myself with a room for gaming!

In addition, I have found myself in the possession of two new armies: Chaos Space Marines and Orks. My girlfriend, who has been interested in at least the hobby aspect of the game, has claimed the Chaos for herself. The Orks, however, belong to me. I am looking forward to trying them out on the table top. My thoughts for the army are summarized in this motto: "Tuff Orkz Wear Pink"

I'll be sure to get some pics of ongoing battles in the near future. A table at my house has endless possibilities.