Friday, August 7, 2015

Why Magic: The Gathering is Slowly Losing Its Grip On Me

Howdy Readers!

I apologize for being away for so long. I wish I could say it is due to a hectic schedule or something legitimate, but truthfully, it is due to my interests being primarily in video games, the most fun of time sinks. I may talk about some of those experiences in a later blog post.

Recently, I had been looking into playing Magic again. I took my time from the game, and I had thought perhaps it was time to give it another shot. I played a few times over this summer, and I had been, for the most part, enjoying my time.

To continue to sate this desire, I picked up Magic Duels, the software Wizards has marketed as a fun way to get into their game digitally. They have really changed the focus of the game with quests, an in-game currency system, and a focus on deck building outside of the Story Mode. The changes seem very similar to Hearthstone for those familiar with that game.

Some of my first encounters with Magic Duels have been very fun, and I like the software. What I had forgotten about was the resource system of Magic. I absolutely HATE the mana and land system of Magic. It creates games that feature very little interaction between opponents based purely on the Random Number Generator of cards. I do not feel good about winning because my opponent did not draw enough lands or too many lands. That is, in no way a demonstration of my own skill.

Hearthstone has demonstrated that games that feature a more consistent resource system can be fun, challenging, and competitive. It seems to me that Magic's system is becoming more antiquated with every competing TCG and LCG release. I'll keep playing Magic Duels, since it is a no cost alternative, but I find myself steering clear of playing Magic outside of FNM. EDH is fun when played casually, so I'll be keeping around a few decks.

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