Monday, August 17, 2015

The State of This Blog

I am in an interesting predicament regarding this blog, known as Rarkthor's Hold.

For the longest time, it was simply a means to record thoughts, Battle Reports, and pictures of my hobby progress. At a certain point, it was no more than a digital record of my own written word. It was something I looked at as a reference to events I had attended in the past, some pictures of old armies, and talks with old friends.

A few months ago, I looked into blogging seriously, with the intention of making some money from ad revenue. I did quite a lot of research, and I landed a few contributor spots on big time blogs. My time with BOLS was short, due to a greater opportunity from

Unfortunately, neither blog has really helped to generate much revenue here on Rarkthor's Hold. This doesn't bother me too terribly, but I had hoped for something more.

At this point, any wargaming articles that I might compose go directly to as the audience is much bigger. This blog has become more personal, hearkening back to its original purpose: a place for a nerd's thoughts and feelings on a wide variety of topics.

For those few audience members that take a look at my blog, you'll be happy to see an increase in my contribution to talkwargaming. I intend to post some of my less wargame oriented thoughts here.

Thanks for sticking with me. It seems my journey is always turning and twisting.

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