Monday, June 8, 2015

An Ironic Reinvigoration

As you saw in a previous post, I have been selling models like an absolute fiend. With the auctions due to close soon, I am pretty happy with the amount of money I have collected from these models. A number of the models were given to me for free, and a number of other models were bought for extremely low prices. I am pretty sure I have reached profit on the models, but I am not sure (or care really) about the margin. I got my use and enjoyment out of them, and that is all that matters.

In an ironic turn though, I have found myself increasingly motivated to model and paint the armies I do have left. I have Grey Knights, Tau, and Daemons left still, and I have intentions of creating lists and fully painted armies for all three.

I am still working on the specifics of the lists, but so far, I have been really interested in getting the Grey Knights off the ground. I have been throwing around some ideas for lists, which scale from friendly fun games to competitive kick-ass lists. In any event, it seems that the lower amount of models and projects to get off the ground has given me the hobby bug once more.

If this liquidation of models has done anything for me, I am glad that it has inspired me again. As I had mentioned, the recent barrage of new rules has left the competitive 40k player in me feeling lost and confused. Now, with fewer armies and models to deal with, I can at least focus on the hobby aspects and get some enjoyment out of that.

Tune in for some picture of progress. I have still the Tau to prepare for the 500 point limit for the second month of the Crit Hit escalation league. I also am hoping to attend an Arkham 1850 tournament, depending on my personal schedule. I'll most likely bring Grey Knights of some kind to the event.

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