Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Contemplation about the Game of Warhammer 40,000

My blogging has slowed to a halt recently. There are multiple factors that can be attributed to this reduction in blogging, but a major factor can be pointed out as the primary "demotivator:" the rapid release schedule of Warhammer 40k along with the crazy high power level of Eldar.

I have written several blog posts concerning competitive Magic: The Gathering, and I find myself in a similar mindset regarding 40k now. As many folks are aware, competitive Magic often requires the purchase of new cards. Even for decks that are Modern or Legacy legal, new cards are released to shake up the meta. Even if the deck you play doesn't require the new card, you may have to readjust to fight this new combo. This, to me, is not very appealing from a hobby or competitive perspective. I'll be totally upfront: I don't WANT to spend the money for new cards. I am not motivated to spend that amount of money to compete in a game that is, at a certain point, based on a RNG.

Magic's release schedule is rather tame compared to the onslaught we are seeing from 40k. Holy shit, 3-4 months seems like an eternity compared to the rapid release schedule from GW. If I struggle to motivate myself to learn, adjust, and purchase new stuff for Magic, just to keep competitive, why on earth would I want to subject myself to the same misery in 40k? Normally, it would be for my love of 40k, which I still feel very strongly about the game.

At this moment though, I struggle to justify owning so many 40k models and rules. Granted, a great majority of what I owned was bought on the cheap/free, so the monetary investment is less of a concern. But in the same way that I collected Magic cards in the effort of "modifying/building" future decks, I found myself doing the same for 40k. I have TONS of models that I don't anticipate using any time soon. If I were a regular GT goer, with the time, money, and drive to compete, then I would hold onto my models. Now though, I struggle to see myself enjoying the competition any longer.

With that in mind, I am trying to consider what to do with the stuff I have now. How should I go about consolidating my collection into an amount I am happy with? Please feel free to comment and let me know what YOU think is best.

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