Thursday, April 16, 2015

Battle Report: Grey Knights/Legion of the Damned vs. Necrons

As promised, here is the second Battle Report! Let's get into it!

My list is here

This is my first game against the new Necrons, and my long time 40k buddy Leigh brought out a tough ass list. Jump in the deep end! His list was:

Detachment 1: CAD Destroyer Lord w/ 2+ save relic, warscythe, res orb, 4+ invuln 2x6 Immortals w/ gauss 1x10 Lychguard w/ warscythe

Detachment 2: Royal Court Obyron Zandrek Orikan

Detachment 3 and 4: 2 Canoptek Harvests 1 spyder 3 scarabs 5 wraiths w/ whip coils

Detachment 5: Officio Assassanorum Detachment 1 culexus assassin

Holy shit, I was in for a treat. I love a challenge, and Leigh brought it. 

We arrived at the Hobbytown USA in Frederick, MD to play our game. Fair warning to those in the Frederick area: Hobbytown has felt tables and chairs, but absolutely no terrain. The table space is free, but sadly, no terrain makes it a worthless venture. Luckily, Leigh and I had lots of extra vehicles to provide some wreckage for some terrain. It worked out OK in the end, but I still scratch my head as to why the tables but no terrain... moving on!

We rolled up Hammer and Anvil deployment with 4 Objectives. Zandrek was Leigh's Warlord, and the Librarian was my Warlord. I rolled on Santic for Psychic powers, picking up Cleansing Flame, Gate of Infinity, and Sanctuary (was hoping for the Vortex of Doom to power through some RP saves).

Leigh took first turn and deployed his forces in a strong cluster in the center of the board. The Immortals remained in reserves. All of the characters went into the Lychguard squad, making one horrifying deathstar. I deployed 2 Dreadknights, and Leigh infiltrated his Culexus near one of the Dreadknights.

Turn 1 (Leigh)
Leigh chose RP for the Canoptek formations. He spread out into the center of the board, and established a strong presence. The Culexus fired off a few shots at the Dreadknight, taking a wound.

Turn 1 (Rarkthor)
I landed 1 Terminator squad into Leigh's deployment zone and took some shots at the Wraiths. The Dreadknights wiffed hard at the Culexus, but still managed to get a wound or two in.

Turn 2 (Leigh)
Leigh continued to advance in the middle, screening up with the Wraiths and the Scarabs. One of the Immortal squads came on from the board edge. The Culexus attempted to charge one of the Dreadknights, but failed the charge range.

Turn 2 (Rarkthor)
I managed to get 1 Legion squad and the Librarian's Terminator squad onto the table. Once again, the Libby's unit Deep Strike mishapped. I initially rolled a 1 for the chart, but Leigh was gracious enough to make the roll a two (maybe I should just get my glasses checked >.>). He placed the Terminator squad very near his Lychguard unit, assured to meet their doom. Between the remaining Terminator squad, the Libby's unit, and the Legion, I was able to wipe out the Immortals for first blood. I was also able to kill the Culexus, although the assassin's presence prevented a power or two for the inevitable Wraith charge.

Turn 3 (Leigh)
Last squad of Immortals walk on in. Sure enough, the Lychguard unit charges and demolishes the Librarian's unit in close combat. Between the Lord, Oberyon, and the Warscythes, the unit put out about 25 wounds at S7 AP 2. Damn. Scarabs tried to charge the Legion squad, but failed.

Turn 3 (Rarkthor)
I landed in the final Terminator squad and both Legion squads. The Terminator squad deviated a bit too close to the Lychguard unit, again to their death. Shooting phase consisted of killing the Immortal squad, and the Dreadknights prepping to double team a Wraith unit. Sadly, one of the Dreadknights bit the dust early in the fight, leaving the other one to stand tall against the soon to be Shred Wraiths.

Turn 4 (Leigh)
Second Wraith unit charges my Dreadknight. Scarabs get into combat with the Legion squads, and a Spyder into the other squad. Lychguard krunk another Terminator squad, and the Legion and Scarabs derp about in the corners. The Dreadknight stands firm against Wraiths, thanks to Sanctuary.

Turn 4 (Rarkthor)
Stormraven comes on, and shoots up a Spyder, hoping to take away the formation bonus. No luck. Legion eventually fight off one scarab unit, and try to make a dash for an objective. The other squad is pinned by bugs. Dreadknight keeps on fighting.

Turn 5 (Leigh)
Lychguard move slowly and try to get to another objective, but do not make it. Wraiths destroy the Dreadknight, but do not consolidate far enough for an objective. Scarabs and Spyder don't kill off the Legion squad.

Turn 5 (Rarkthor)
With possibly one turn left, I try to make some plays for objectives. Legion does not kill enough Scarabs. I use the Stormraven to deny one objective with the base, hoping for maybe another turn to reverse the downward turn. Sadly the game ends.

Leigh has one objective and I have none. Leigh earned Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker. I had First Blood and Linebreaker. 5-2 Victory for Leigh!

That game was rough, and it was most likely not going to improve. I should not have charged the Dreadknights that turn. I should have taken a few more shots before engaging a weaker Wraith squad.

I had intended to play a bit more cagey and use my flexible deployment to avoid fighting as best as possible. Sadly, Deep Strike deviation did not aid me in this. Between Wraiths and Scarabs, Leigh's army has some decent mobility, and good units to take on Legion.

Holy shit, the Lychguard squad was insane. I tried to engage that unit as little as possible and focus on the killable elements. Again, some poor Deep Strike placement and some overconfidence in the Dreadknights ability to kill Wraiths did not help this.

Thanks for the game Leigh! Well fought. The Necron book has some pretty sick tools at its disposal.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Battle Report: Grey Knights/Legion of the Damned vs. Blood Angels

Over the past weekend, I had the great fortune to play not one, but TWO games of Warhammer 40,000 with some former competitors at Arkham Games. This is the first of two Battle Reports.

I took this list against Kyle's Blood Angels build. His list was the following:

Blood Angels (Flesh Tearers Detachment)

Angel's Fury Spearhead Force
Stormraven with Plasma Cannon and Heavy Bolter
2x Stormraven with Assault Cannon and Multi-Melta
3x10 man Tactical Squads with Flamer and Heavy Flamer

2 Librarians, ML3 (One had the improved psychic casting wargear). They both took Daemonology powers.

2x Death Company Dreadnoughts in Drop Pods

5x Scouts in a Drop Pod

We rolled up Dawn of War with Purge the Alien as the mission type. My Librarian was the Warlord, and his trait was totally irrelevant due to a deep strike mishap! Kyle had one of his Librarians as the Warlord, also with an unused Warlord Trait.

My Librarian took Divination powers, that did nearly nothing!

Kyle had 1st turn.

DeploymentKyle hid his librarians behind some thick ruined buildings, with nothing else deployed. I deployed nothing.

Turn 1 (Kyle)

Kyle flew on his Three Stormravens, which had no targets whatsoever. He attempted to summon some daemons, but he had no success. He also dropped down 2 Dreadnoughts.

Turn 1 (Rarkthor)
I deep struck with my Eldar for a turn power, landing 1 Terminator Squad (the Librarian's squad did not come in) and both of my Dreadknights. I shot one of the Librarians up a bit, leaving him with 1 wound. The Dreadknight shot the Dreadnought in the back, immobilizing it.

Turn 2 (Kyle)
The Stormravens flew around shooting up my units. They did not do a lot of damage, killing one or two Terminators, and landing a wound on a Dreadknight. One of the Librarians managed to get out a squad of Pink Horrors, who then rolled the Greater Daemon summoning power. The other Librarian also managed to get out a squad of Pink Horrors.

Turn 2 (Rarkthor)
The Librarian squad came in, along with 2 Legion of the Damned squads. Librarian's squad Deep Strike mishapped, and was placed by Kyle in the far corner of my deployment zone. The Legion Squads landed behind Dreadnoughts. The shooting from the Psisilencer Dreadknight killed the 1 wound Librarian, gaining me First Blood and a Kill Point. The combined shooting at the Dreadnought wrecked it, and severely damaged the other. The Warlord Librarian was left with two wounds, and I charged it with Terminators. No damage on the first round of combat.

Turn 3 (Kyle)
Scout drop pod landed in a far ruin, trying to find safety. One Stormraven went into hover mode and landed the Tactical Squad out by a Legion Squad. One Pink Horrors squad summoned a Bloodthirster onto the table. More shooting from Stormravens whittled away at Dreadknights and Terminators. Librarian died in combat that turn. Slay the Warlord and another Kill Point. I also gained a kill point from a dead Pink Horrors squad who slipped into the warp. The tacticals charged a Legion squad, and began what Kyle and I referred to as "The Combat of the Derps." They each hacked at one another, killing a guy a piece for about 4 combat rounds. 

Turn 3 (Rarkthor)
My last Legion Squad, last Terminator Squad, and the Stormraven came onto the table. Lots of shooting happened, killing the second Pink Horror Squad, the second Dreadnought, and killing the empty Stormraven in Hover Mode. More derp combat.

Turn 4( Kyle)
Kyle dropped another Tactical Squad into the fresh Legion squad. More Stormraven zooming and shooting, with some aerial combat thrown in. A Dreadknight bit the dust, and the Bloodthirster landed by some Terminators, ready to fight. I had managed to get them Hammerhanded up, but no Force :( Bloodthirster wrecks them in combat, netting Kyle a Kill Point. More derpy combat.

Turn 4 (Rarkthor) My shooting manages to kill the Scout squad. I move the Librarian unit into hiding. More derpy combat, and general running away from a giant Bloodthirster.

Turn 5 (Kyle)
Kyle drops the final Tactical Squad to try and reinforce the derp combat. More shooting, takes out a few more Terminators, netting him another Kill Point. Some missed charges, and the Legion escape the derp combat, with two guys left.

Turn 5 (Rarkthor)
The Dreadknight shunts away from the Bloodthirster, landing for Linebreaker. The Librarian and Terminators manage to stay hidden. The remaining Legion take a few more Blood Angels with them.

In the final turn, it was mainly in the clean-up stages with a few combats left. The Bloodthirster flew over to attack the surviving Dreadknight, but no dice. Game ends with my victory 12-4.


Some lasting impressions of the game:

Deep Strike Mishap Sucks. I need to Deep Strike a bit more carefully. The Battle Focus on landing is really key though.

Omega Deployment is very good against the Turn 1 Assault Blood Angels build. It really leaves the Dreads and Stormravens with nothing to do. Luckily, I landed both Dreadknights down, or I would have been screwed.

Kill Points was not a very favorable game for Kyle. He, at a point, needed to table me in order to win. Luckily, Shunting Dreadknights, Hidden Librarians help with that.

I feel that we both brought solid lists that were built around a concept. The issue I saw with both of the lists is that if the concept fell through, the army fell through as well. It's much like playing a combo deck in Magic. If the combo works, awesome! If not... the game is uphill for sure.

Thank you very much for the game Kyle! I hope to see you at NOVA kicking some butt!