Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rarkthor's Response: Las Vegas Open


So, for all of the 40k tournament enthusiasts, many of you know that the Las Vegas Open concluded on February 22nd, with Tyranids as the victors! I posted a link to the Top 8 lists above, and I wanted to remark on a few of the lists and comments made by Tastey Taste on the lists on the players.

First of all, I am not surprised that a 3 Flyrant list made the Top 8, and furthermore, I am not surprised that it was able to win. The new Shield of Baal supplements, formations, and detachments really helped push the Tyranids to the next tier of competitiveness. Nayden has been doing well with Lictors previous to the release of these supplements, and a good player took the supplements to the next level. Congratulations on the victory!

The Space Marine list though really surprised me. Scouts in Drop Pods, with Devestators, Centurions along with... Blood Angels? Holy cow! I am still investigating some of the intricacies of the list, but it seems like a very tactical and cagey kind of list. Not my style, but I can not ignore the results. Awesome.

Only 1 Eldar player made the top 8, with only 4 Wave Serpents. I am also surprised by the lack of Wraithknights, but the Lynx seems pretty cool in its stead! Large D blast is not something to shake a stick at.

You know, some of the fluff bunnies will complain about Nanavati's use of an Inquisitor along with his daemons... but Chaos can corrupt all.. (except my beloved Grey Knights of course).

Hey look Chaos Space Marines! Whoa! Well, we already knew the Brass Scorpion of Khorne was good. It seems the player used the Daemons to help generate more scoring units to ensure that points lost to the scorpion were made up elsewhere. Makes sense overall. I still would have liked to see mono-CSM, but I don't think it could be.

Aaron Albert, however, takes the cake for a list that I have been working on myself for quite some time. Grey Knights Centurionstar with 3 NDKs. I'm glad to see that a list I built previously has to potential to win big events. I feel much more confident in attending the NOVA this summer. We shall see if that is the list I take or not.

Overall, I would LOVE to go out to the LVO next year. Vegas provides more than just fun for me as the Warhammer nerd, but it could make an awesome vacation place! I do enjoy the occasional casino trip, and what better place than Vegas! Still looking to the NOVA as a possible GT, but I am sorta waiting for the final decisions as to the event rules and regulations.

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