Monday, February 2, 2015

Pictures from a 40k Game!

40k pictures incoming!

My buddy Rob and I have been working slowly on making a 40k table in my new place. We have been working with some clay to create some decent terrain. Yesterday, we decided to play a game. It also was the first time using the Galaxy Themed FAT mat. I was concerned about the use of the game for 40k, but Rob and I adapted the idea to a floating debris and "alternate planescape" (Think Outlands from World of Warcraft). The terrain seemed to work well for the scope of the models. Some of the barricades were perhaps a little bit, but I think it worked out well enough in the end.

Recently, I acquired a decently sized Ork army (Thanks Bro!), and I wanted to give them a shot on the table top. Not a whole lot of paint has gotten onto these guys, but hey, let's see how it goes. Thoughts on Orks:
1. They still hit with a lot of shots and attacks. Not much changed there.
2. The Mob Rule is a boon and a burden. It can keep your squads around a little longer to fight, but they sorta hemorrhage dudes as the game goes on.
3. Nobs are pretty cool.
4. Trukks and Kans are still super fragile, but perhaps worth the points for their purposes.
5. Lootas are still good.
6. I really want to try Stormboyz; I think they have potential.

I tried taking pictures on my Kindle, so the quality may be sorta meh. It was super convenient in terms of transferring onto my computer, which is a plus.


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