Monday, February 16, 2015

Anime Rarkthor Recommends: Sword Art Online

I know I haven't spoken much about anime and manga in the past, but I really do enjoy the creative nature of the works.

Movies and Television shows have access to a tremendous amount of graphic alteration and special effects that just were not present in the past. Anime is able to transcend those limits and create characters and plots that go beyond just a normal fantasy or science fiction show. Manga is closer to Western comic books and graphic novels, and we sorta already know the limitation and capacities.

I want to do a series on various anime that I have enjoyed viewing and would recommend to others for viewing. The first anime is a series called Sword Art Online.

Without ruining too much of the plot, Sword Art Online is a series that delves into the realm of VRMMORPGs (Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). The game becomes extremely serious once the creator announces that logging out is impossible, and in-game death will cause real life death. The main character, Kirito, now has to take on the lead to help save the rest of the players.

The anime takes on more than just the action/adventure of the game; it delves into some real issues with reality versus virtual reality. It does have elements of romance which, for some, is a turn-off, but I felt it was very well developed in terms of the feelings and emotions created between the characters.

I enjoy this anime thoroughly, and I highly recommend it.

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