Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Interest in the NOVA

After the last NOVA open, I was super excited to attend. I wasn't able to in the past year due to some extensive summer coursework, but I created a gamer goal to attend in 2014. I still have a great interest in attending, but I find the commitment even more daunting as a player. 

The speed of the data slate releases, along with the expansive nature of the materials, concerns me. In order to properly attend the NOVA, I have a few personal standards I would wish to meet. I would want to plan my list way in advance, in order to paint and play test the army extensively. Along with these goals, I would want to understand the entire gambit of the meta. Data slates make each of these goals extremely difficult to achieve with enough prep time for such an event as NOVA. Data slates can drastically change the meta and enemy army compositions in ways I could not fathom without the rules hitting public consumption. The list I may have just painstakingly constructed could be negated with a 10mb download. 

Normally, a tournament at a local game store would not prompt me to invest such a hefty amount of effort. I have had my share of wins and fun placing at small tournaments that I am personally satisfied. I do wish to make a break into GT level events, but I just am unsure if the NOVA is the right event for me. I will have to consult some of my 40k tournament buddies to see what they think, and I will need to evaluate my own expectations. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Smite: My Favorite MOBA

I have been playing Smite, a third person focus MOBA. It features gods from the major mythologies of the world. The objectives and game variants are similar to other MOBA games. The biggest change in Smite is the fact all abilities and auto-attacks are skill shots. 

This major change is the reason I like Smite. All sorts of heroes have passives with abilities that require various combos. However, it requires more active positioning, aiming and timing to succeed. Map awareness is even more important, due to the inability to see behind you. Every character has the potential to make a big impact on the game, and that makes any character an option. 

I love this game, and I would recommend it first compared to any other MOBA game. 

Draft: I Wish I Liked It More

A few weeks ago, I participated in a Born of the Gods and Theros draft. I wanted to see how the format worked and felt. I learned a bit from the draft, and I think the Theros block is pretty fun to draft. 

My issue with drafting at this point is this: I often feel like I'd prefer a constructed format. I open 3 packs, and I received nothing worthwhile. So, I spent 15 dollars for a series of four games with an interesting concept that I will never play again. I wish I could have more fun with the format, but I just don't. I may want to play one or two drafts a format to try it out, but overall I don't think draft is my thing. 

Angels of Impunity Battle Log 8

Year Two Thousand and Fourteen, month 2, day 22

The Thoughless began their continual assault on the forces of the violent Necrons. The mechanical beings were tough to defeat, but the forces of the Thoughtless proved too formidable for even the Canoptek Wraiths. They defeated them swiftly. 

Victory 8-4

Angels of Impunity Battle Log 7

Year Two Thousand and Fourteen, month 2, day 22

Teamed up with Blood Angel allies, the Angels of Impunity were fighting against the forces of Chaos. Communication lines were hampered, and the marines died in droves. The Chaos Iron Warriors held many special weapons and annihilated the Thoughtless. 

Defeat 3-5 

Angels of Impunity Battle Log 6

Year Two Thousand and Fourteen, month 2, day 22 

The Angels were met by the forces of the Blood Angels, led by Brother Corbulo. The group of terminators ran through many brave men and some Sororitas allies, but the relic was contained in the hands of some marines. 

Victory 4-2 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Angels of Impunity Battle Log 5

Month 2 Day 22, Year Two Thousand and  Fourteen. 

The forces of the hated Iron Warriors legion were met by the Angels, and they were defeated. A massive daemon prince was held by the Thoughtless and defeated. 

Victory 5 vp - 1 vp 

Angels of Impunity Battle Log 4

Month 2, Day 19, Year Two Thousand and Fourteen 

Victory against Necrons! The immortal forces of the Necrons were phased out by the strength of the Thoughtless. They conceded all territory to the Angels.

Victory 7 vp to 2 vp. 

New phone and Birthday.

Today is my birthday! Among my life obligations, I have been enjoying more gaming as well. I'm testing out a new blogger app on a brand new iPhone, a much appreciated gift. I hope to post more soon.