Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rarkthor's Response: It's Ok To be Try-Hard, but Keep It to Yourself

I often read StarCity Games articles as my source of Magic: The Gathering reading. I still enjoy the game immensely, regardless of my decreased investment. It is worth it to me to read the articles.

For this gentleman, Ross Merriam, he gains enjoyment from the hyper competitive nature of Magic. There is nothing wrong with that mentality. The impact it has on a FNM crowd, however, can be detrimental to all.

Wizards of the Coast has stated quite clearly that FNM is intended for fun and casual play. It does not have the same standards for rules and regulations. For some, however, they are willing to ignore this goal to promote their own standings. They want to win, sometimes at the expense of others. I have seen and heard players speaking of them "taking money from others." This is true, but this mentality does not at all promote new players enjoying themselves. This "winning is the only goal" mentality should not be outwardly imposed on others.

Merriam should not be criticized for his work mentality concerning Magic. However, as with most extreme mentalities, it should not be imposed on others. FNM at my local store has suffered from this perspective on the game. It is OK to want to perform and excel at the game. However, a Johnny type at the store should not be made fun of for a dud of a deck (He probably already knows this; you don't need to remind him). Sometimes, people do not want your advice. Don't tell them how to build their deck better; they will learn themselves. Let them enjoy it as they see fit.

I disapprove, in some ways, this reinforcement of the work mentality behind Magic. The "sheeple" nature of the Magic community really feeds off the words of better players. Promoting your own "winning is the root of all joy" can and does create an increased negativity behind the game, particularly at the lowest tiers of play.

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