Monday, September 22, 2014

A Magical Weekend

Aside from playing in two Khans of Tarkir pre-releases, the weekend was overall just awesome.

I was able to make a sale on the Magic card lot I had, and I received pretty much the price I was looking for. It was worth it monetarily and "spirtually" in the loosest sense of the word. It was nice to unload such a previously massive and, for the most part, sedentary collection. I finally can breath a bit easier about Magic, particularly standard.

This weekend I played Mardu and Abzan. I went 3-0 with Mardu and 4-0 with Abzan. Holy shit. An undefeated weekend! I got a ton of packs for my great success, and I pulled some awesome cards, specifically a Wingmate Roc! Yeah!!!

I think that Khans of Tarkir is an excellent set, and I love the design of it. There were so many ways to fix your mana between the tri-color lands, the banners, and the duals that gain a life. The other very important thing about Khans is the REAL removal the set featured. I love it. I was certainly tired of the Battlecruiser strategies of Theros, and the removal made that not a problem.

In addition, the intrigue of Morph made my games even more interesting, and Outlast is a good mechanic, if you play it right. Raid was decent, but it became a decision between the extra value or just having the dude. Morph, I feel, is not good for the larger creatures. There is too much removal that can kill a morph on the tapout. The best Morphs in the set are the creatures that reveal based on color.

What did you all think of Khans?

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