Saturday, August 30, 2014

Thoughts On the New Grey Knight Codex

- Draigo moving to LoW is a slight bummer (based on current issues with LoW in tourneys), but it also requires an HQ on top of Draigo, which makes the points a problem potentially.
- Terminators became way cheaper. Potential there based on the points reduction.
- Psycannons moved to Salvo 2/4 (which I anticipated). Makes them less useful on Power armor bodies, but overall still useful.
- Psysilencer has the Force special rule, which will be devastating to a number of high wound models. Not very strong against Wraithknights or Riptides, but can easily do damage to multi-wound daemon models and tau crisis suits. Still unsure of which is better on a Power armor dude.
- Dreadknights are even better with a reduction in points for the teleporter and weapon upgrades. Gatling psysilencer has Force and 12 shots.
- Psybolt ammo is gone, but again that was anticipated.
- Dreadnoughts are more expensive for including the mastery level.
- Rhinos and Razorbacks are no longer psychic pilots.
- Purifiers seem like a potentially awesome unit. Fearless, ML 2, and Cleansing Flame base. Along with cheaper melee upgrades.
- Nemesis Force Weapons changed- Halberds give +1 S, Stave gives Adamantine Will.
- Some relics are good. Terminator armor with IWND, Feel No Pain seems awesome. Others are kinda meh.
- Warlord traits are awful in most circumstances.
- New formation has a lot of potential. "Beta" strike on first turn, can run and shoot after deep strike. Losing ObSec, but the damage and tactical issues are not to be ignored.
- Losing inquisition stuff wasn't a big deal; plenty of options that I never took and nobody did either. Internet likes to whine.
- Definitely a downgrade, but a codex closer in line to appropriate power levels. I feel pretty ok about the whole thing; I just want to formulate a list for October tourney and get shit painted.

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