Saturday, July 19, 2014

YU-GI-OH and Pokemon TCG

This past Wednesday, I participated in a YU-GI-OH constructed tournament. I brought a deck known as Battlin' Boxers, a deck of Warriors designed to interact together to summon multiple 4- star monsters in a turn. I had played Yu-gi-oh for quite some time previously, and I did enjoy the game then as well. The tournament was a good time, and I met some pretty cool dudes. I did not do very well really, as I was completely unprepared for the opposing decks. I found myself quite tired at the end of the night from reading small text and wracking my brain to understand the combinations that I saw. All in all, it was still really fun.

For Pokemon, I constructed a Fighting Type deck, with a number of different Pokemon and evolutions. It has been pretty fun to play, but there has been a major problem with the deck. On the second night of the Pokemon events, one player had brought out the top tournament deck to play. He has not yet lost a single game. This enormous jump in power level has made it hard to even consider playing in the events, even though I really had no intention of going full-bore competitive. I don't mind losing really, but I do mind not having fun.

I intend to keep up with both trading card games, but I am unsure of how it will go. Pokemon has an interesting rotation system that I don't fully understand, and I think once I do understand it fully, I will try to get more into the competitive circle of that game. Granted, my time will become more limited as I find myself busy with working and balancing several jobs, but I still hope to enjoy the games thoroughly. 

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