Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pokemon and YUGIOH

Arkham Games has now added Pokemon cards to it's repertoire of games supported. I had played the Game Boy Game many years ago, and I absolutely loved it. I bought a starter deck, and I am trying to create an all Fighting type deck. Regardless of its competitiveness, I really enjoy the fighting type Pokemon. I will be slowly working on a deck to participate in those events.

The YUGIOH crowd at Arkham has been really cool about helping me get into the game. A guy even helped me build a deck and is willing to sell me the cards. Awesome! I also played YUGIOH many years ago, and I enjoyed the game immensely.

I have this urge to be able to participate in any event throughout a given week. I already play the other games during the week, so now with an easy transition into both Pokemon and YUGIOH, I can play ALL THE GAMES! 

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