Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ladder League Incoming

A miracle occurred a few days ago. The community for 40k at Arkham Games came to a strong collaboration on an event for the strengthening of the minis night. We threw some ideas and thoughts on a Facebook thread, and we came to a rousing conclusion. The positive thoughts and discussion were all constructive and meaningful, which was a pleasant change for all.

The community decided upon an Escalating Ladder League. A Ladder League requires each of the participants to be seeded in an order. The number 1 seed remains at the top of the League, while the others take lower spots. The lower seeds challenge higher seeds to switch places with them. As the players switch seeds, a sort of ranking is formed over the length of the event. The top seed is the winner at the conclusion of the league. The escalation refers to the increase of point totals as the league continues. The first month league, for example, would start at 500 points. The next month would increase to 1,000. This escalation will hopefully attract new players with a low-cost entry point for the event itself.

The fun part of this ladder league involves a raffle for half of the prize money dependent on playing games on the minis night. A person can win the raffle and earn some money to fund the hobby, and it brings people in on Thursdays to play 40k. Everyone wins. There is a structured event, the raffle and escalation should hopefully attract new blood, and the veterans have a chance to improve their play.

Overall, I am really excited for this event. I think this is the BEST solution for the issues the 40k community has been involved in. I can't wait to compete and see if this can bring in new members for the community.

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