Friday, June 20, 2014

Escalation of Power in 7ed

After playing one game of 7th edition, the game has not really changed much. There are some details that are nuanced in their nature, such as rolling weapon types at once, declaring jink and skyfire, but the important steps are mostly the same. 

My game yesterday featured a new addition to my Grey Knight force in the Stormraven. The mind strike missiles were the best weapon for knocking down a psyker, and I think it has some serious potential for handling the psyker heavy armies. In general throwing Draigo and paladins was a poor choice, but I was just looking to experiment with the model. 

A noteworthy part of the game was the caliber of list my opponent brought. As a newer player, his lists were in the earliest stages of development. After some advice, they have improved to be tournament worthy lists. This is a solid indicator for me as a 40k player to increase my level of competitive play. I have always enjoyed 40k at that high level of play, and I would like to return to it. As I play, my lists will hopefully improve and manage to become better over time.

I have a very slight concern for the negative responses to return, but I think the crowd has improved beyond that reaction. 

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