Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Massacre

Played In an Apocalypse game on Memorial Day. It was a decent time, but I would have had more fun if I had some cool apoc-models to throw down. Instead, I made ballsy plays with my Grey Knights, and it was a blast.

Remember our troops. Laugh at this pic.

7ed Quick Review

I downloaded my 7ed copy Friday night. It was a fairly quick read as most of the information was simply from the previous book. This fact leads me directly into my review: it's 6.5. 

The biggest overall change comes in the psychic phase. There has been quite a lot of hype about it. Summoning tons of models, invisibility and other crazy powers have taken the internet by storm. For me, I find the psychic phase a nice balancing factor. It finally gives some real interplay between opponents and it adds a nice resource management element as well. It also makes both my daemon and grey knight armies quite happy to throw 12+ dice on the table. 

With some other minor improvements , the game has not changed much. There is still some discussion at the LGS about unbound and it's place. I feel that unbound should be for casual games only. We shall see how things go. 

Overall, 7th has me excited for my grey knights to rule the table with ALL the psychic dice :D 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Digital Edition of 40k

With the advent of the new edition of 40k on the way, it seems pretty clear the most effective method of purchase for me: Digital.

I know some gamers have expressed their hesitation at using a digital codex or ruleset. They are concerned about handling delicate equipment, the travel, and the lack of a nice book in their hand.

I recently found that my 6ed book had fallen apart. The pages had separated from the cover. This upset me greatly, considering it was a 75 dollar book. I don't really ever want that to happen again.

With a 60 dollar tag (25 bucks lower than the book), digitally accessible from my Kindle Fire and computer, I think this is the way I will go for the new edition.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Success with G/W Aggro

This past FNM, I went 4-0 and placed 1st with G/W aggro. This was the first time placing 4-0 at Arkham Games, and I was quite pleased with both my performance and the deck performance. Here is the deck list:

4 Dryad Militant
4 Fleecemane Lion
4 Soldier of the Pantheon
4 Boon Satyr
4 Loxodon Smiter

1x Ajani, Caller of the Pride
1x Unflinching Courage
2x Banishing Light
2x Warrior's Lesson
4x Advent of the Wurm
4x Selesnya Charm
3x Call of the Conclave
4x Temple Garden
4x Temple of Plenty
7x Forest
7x Plain

After the event, I was able to trade for 1 more copy of Caller of the Pride, completing the deck to my current satisfaction.

There are some definite choices made in constructing this deck, and I feel fairly justified in making them. First, I opted for Dryad Militant instead of Experiment One in the interest of mana-fixing. As you may see, I am not running Mana Confluence (true to form of course). This means that I will be sacrificing some ability to cast a specific 1 drop into a G/W 2 drop. To accomplish a similar value, I play Dryad instead. You will also note that I am not playing Voice of Resurgence. This is due to the card being $25, which I am strictly not going to make $100 worth of value for a card that is rotating in the semi-near future. So, I have opted for Loxodon Smiter, which still provides significant value. It cannot be countered, and it is a 4/4 for 3. It also bumps the curve up slightly to still allow for me to not play Mana Confluence. The final choice I made was in the 3 mana Ajani. He is far superior in this aggro, creature heavy shell. Flying and double strike easily won me games.

I am still working on the number of Banishing Light that I need for the deck. 2 seemed to work fine, and the Warrior's Lessons have proven quite useful, easily drawing 2 cards in several match-ups. The mana curve worked out nicely, and I have a solid sideboard with Unflinching Courage and Mistcutter Hydra to deal with opposing Aggro and Control.

What do you think of the deck? 

Monday, May 5, 2014

New Edition?

The rumors are starting to come down the pipe concerning the newest edition of 40k.

I reserve judgement until I see the book for myself. Until then, I will not speak one way or the other on the rule-set.

Twilight Imperium

If you are a board game fanatic with an appreciation for the highest level of complexity possible and a thirst for galactic domination, this is the game for you. It's a strategy game that goes beyond Risk. It involves voting, politics, trade, technology, resource management and so much more.

I played a game yesterday (I have logged 30+ games of this 5-6 hour game), and I was victorious! Like any game with such a wide variety of options, possibilities and arrangements, the winner has to get just a little bit lucky. This is probably the most frustrating element of the game, but it can also be the most rewarding. 

I would highly recommend this game. It is a bit pricey for base game and the expansions, but it is completely worth it. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Competitive REL Magic

Today, I attended my first high level competitive Magic event held at Arkham Games.

I solidly did not enjoy my time during the event. I dropped after Round 4.

1. I decided last minute to play Mono-Red, a deck that I am very familiar with. I was really feeling the Mono-Green, but I went against my gut. This is, of course, the death of any serious decision I make. It turns out that I should have solidly played Mono-Green against Mono-Blue, Esper, and another Mono-Red deck.

2. I really do not enjoy the emphasis on allowing opponent's to miss triggers and play the game incorrectly. It frustrates me that the attitude is based on solidly taking complete advantage of your opponent. I have never really enjoyed gaming like that, and I don't think I ever will. This is the primary reason that I will stay out of that competitive level of Magic.

I think that I may wish to stick to just playing Friday Night Magic on a very casual level. The games are generally more fun, and I can relax and just play the game. I still have that competitive spirit for the game, as I do with any game, but I don't think I can enjoy myself in a game that encourages deceit through omission. It's a shame that the game reaches such a high level of legislation that this is the eventual result. I accept that it is what it is, but I do not wish to be a part of it. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Deck-Building Madness

So over these past few days, I have just gone into a deck-building madness. I have built 3 different mono-color aggro decks, with devotion mechanics running underneath each of them.

What do you think?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Another Facebook Hiatus...

I am once again away from the Facebook. I regret returning for another round of relentless refuse. How about that for an alliteration?

I hope to blog more because of this.