Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Interest in the NOVA

After the last NOVA open, I was super excited to attend. I wasn't able to in the past year due to some extensive summer coursework, but I created a gamer goal to attend in 2014. I still have a great interest in attending, but I find the commitment even more daunting as a player. 

The speed of the data slate releases, along with the expansive nature of the materials, concerns me. In order to properly attend the NOVA, I have a few personal standards I would wish to meet. I would want to plan my list way in advance, in order to paint and play test the army extensively. Along with these goals, I would want to understand the entire gambit of the meta. Data slates make each of these goals extremely difficult to achieve with enough prep time for such an event as NOVA. Data slates can drastically change the meta and enemy army compositions in ways I could not fathom without the rules hitting public consumption. The list I may have just painstakingly constructed could be negated with a 10mb download. 

Normally, a tournament at a local game store would not prompt me to invest such a hefty amount of effort. I have had my share of wins and fun placing at small tournaments that I am personally satisfied. I do wish to make a break into GT level events, but I just am unsure if the NOVA is the right event for me. I will have to consult some of my 40k tournament buddies to see what they think, and I will need to evaluate my own expectations. 

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