Thursday, November 7, 2013

Angels of Impunity Background: A Living Document.

This Space Marine chapter was created in the Second Founding, and these marines come from the loins of Gulliman and his Ultramarines legion. This chapter was stationed millions of light years from the Macraggel, and because of this, the chapter has diverged significantly from the norms of their former legion.

Roboute Gulliman was an educated and well-known scholar of war. This, of course, led him to create the Codex Astartes, a document that has led to the founding of many formidable Space Marine chapters. The Angels of Impunity look to this document as a great source of inspiration, but they are primarily inspired by the desire for learning and teaching.

The Angels of Impunity, led by their Chapter Master Drusus O’Brien, felt that they should embody the same level of intelligence, despite many Marines of their chapter having little to know psychic ability. In their recruitment process, the chaplains look for the potentials with the highest potential intelligence. Along with tests of physical skill, the Angels are sure to rigorously assess the recruits thinking ability. In fact, some recruits with only purely physical strength are denied in favor of a recruit with mental intelligence. Once the recruits are admitted into the process to become a Space Marine, they do undergo an extremely high level of psycho-therapy. These novitiates are not only educated in the necessary knowledge to become a Space Marine, but they receive an even more extreme  education. Many of these Marines attain near savant level of mental functions, not even relating strictly to war. These Marines become thinkers, philosophers, and in the heat of combat, tactical and physical masterminds.

The Angels of Impunity were initially unaware of the great flaw that overtook many of their brethren as this enhanced psycho-indoctrination became the standard. This flaw manifests itself similarly to the Black Rage, legendary amongst the Blood Angels legion and chapters. The Angels of Impunity have a slightly different version of the Black Rage, thought to be brought on by the increased exposure to psycho-therapy. This has become known as the "Flaw of the Thoughtless." When an Angel falls subject to the "Thoughtless", his thought processes accelerate beyond even a normal Space Marine. Suddenly the details of the battlefield become innumerable and more prevalent. The Angel is no longer able to control and focus their thoughts; they become lost in the details and they attain a nearly divine state of being. The irony of this curse is their ability to utilize their entire mental faculties, but they lack the ability to communicate effectively with any other Marine.

Similarly to the Death Company of other Blood Angels chapters, these Marines are entered into their own separate divisions of the chapter. These Marines are sent into the heat of battle, for they are divinities of warfare. Their thoughts move so quickly, they are able to calculate the very precise elements of the battle. They can suddenly calculate the trajectory of the enemies fusillade of shots and respond with a single bullet driven into the enemy skulls. The speed of their opponents motions has no importance for an Angel of Impunity deep within the "Thoughtless;" they are able to predict and respond with incredible precision. It has been known for these Marines to catch bullets and throw them back at the opponent. Unfortunately, these Marines will not respond to orders. They are not communicative enough to be the mainstay of the Chapter’s force. They have often ignored orders to retreat; they are so deep in thought, no stern order can possibly convince them to remove themselves from the target. The Angels of Impunity are well known for their common tactic of deploying these Angels of Death in the midst of the enemy via Drop Pods or teleportation from aboard the Strike Cruser.

This chapter is otherwise set-up similarly to any other Marine Chapter, following the Codex. Veteran status, however, is determined primarily by tactical acumen. Physical prowess is important of course, but a strategic mind is most valuable. At any given moment, the Chapter Master should be the Marine with the most experience, knowledge and insight into the hardships of war. It is then up to the veterans of the chapter to take on the most difficult of challenges. Because of this, the Angels of Impunity value their veteran companies, even beyond the accolades given to the Ultramarines First Company. These esteemed warriors are not only heroes of the Imperium, but they are also mentors and teachers to the others. Because of this desire for teaching and accelerated progression of learning, the Scout companies are not very large compared to other chapters. Over time, the Chaplains have done their best to teach as effectively as possible, ensuring that the tactical companies are replenished when some Marines are lost to the Thoughtless.

The leadership of the Angels of Impunity differs slightly from other chapters. Chaplains are not often seen on the battlefield; Chaplains really serve as the primary advisors to the Chapter Master and his Captains. This, of course, does not mean they are not great warriors, but their experience and philosophies are so highly valued. Librarians are similarly valued, for their knowledge of the warp and its manifestations are an art esoteric for even the most well-read Space Marine. They are most certainly seen on the battlefield, coordinating well-timed placement of reinforcements and bolstering the abilities of the Angels. Finally, while Techmarines are generally looked down upon in other chapters, the Techmarines in the Angels of Impunity are viewed with great respect. They are masters of their art, able to process data at lightning speeds, thanks to the mechanical enhancements. These enhancements have proven to help these Marines avoid the fate of the Thoughtless, a detail not overlooked.

The Angels maintain an interesting relationship with their founding chapter. While the Angels respect and hold Gulliman in high regard, the chapter has historically been displeased with the perceived arrogance of the Ultramarines. They feel as if they have betrayed the teaching of Gulliman, and they bring dishonor to the codex and what it means as a living document of peace and war. This is, of course, no fault of their father Primarch, but it is instead the issue of the current leadership within the Ultramarines chapter. The Angels actually find themselves closer to the Blood Angels chapter; both chapters have connected with each other multiple times to try to decipher and understand the meaning of their potentially disastrous flaws.


  1. Writing exercise, or background for a new army? Looks interesting either way.

    1. My background for a DIY Marines. I can't help but want to try and make my own Marine chapter. This idea has so far really fleshed out nicely, and I like how my intended list would play out. I just have to figure out a solid color scheme.