Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Options and Choices

For once in my entire career of playing Magic: The Gathering, I have many different options in terms of a potential standard deck post rotation. I have been collecting a variety of cards in red, black, and green. This, thankfully, gives me a crazy variety of decks to play. Some of the ideas are:
  • Golgari Aggro
  • Gruul Aggro
  • Rakdos Aggro
  • Jund Aggro
  • RDW
  • Mono-Green
  • Mono-Black
There is a good chance I could create a couple midrange decks, but frankly, I really don’t like playing midrange. Some of the midrange decks are fairly fast in terms of mana generation, but I just don’t necessarily like playing the game in such a way. It seems very similar to a control deck, with the win condition based on an earlier collection of creatures. Magic, for me, is the most fun played at high speeds, with an unrelenting brutality. It is not even the Theros block that gives me such freedom, but it is instead based on the removal of Innistrad from Standard play. There were so many cards from Innistrad that operated at such a high power level. These cards made a number of other RtR block releases completely pointless. Now that they are gone, suddenly RtR block can see some play at a high level. This is my own perception of course, but it definitely makes me excited to try and build a strong Standard deck. I don’t necessarily care to make Standard a constant endeavor with all of the other engagements I have, but I’d do my best to compete.

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