Tuesday, October 29, 2013

40k Hobbying Conundrum

I should start with a brief admission. The most arduous times in my life in terms of indecisiveness have come in my thinking about 40k as a hobby. It does indicate at the very least that my life has been pretty easy thus far, and I have been able to figure out any stupid problems that have appeared previously. As usual though, my thoughts always become muddled when considering my 40k.

I love my Grey Knights. All it takes is a re-reading of the fluff behind the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Malleus, and I am right back in there. The Grey Knights will always be my favorite chapter. Sometimes though, I find myself interested in starting an alternate Marine army. It’s tough to justify the choice though from a reasonable perspective, particularly when I want to buy at least one Dreadknight, at least one Riptide, and some MissileSides for my GK/Tau combination.

I have always been attracted to the idea of a DIY chapter. The problem I run into consistently, however, is the inability to generate a consistent theme across the full spectrum of the game. The army can look really cool, but it may not work well in terms of the rules. I don’t even have any intention of playing a high powered tournament army; I just want something that plays in such a way that I can justify its look, fluff, and style of play. Thus far, Grey Knights prove to be the only chapter that I can do that with.

Blood Angels interest me a great deal as well. There are two different builds that really interest me as a whole: NippleWing or Death Company. Neither of these builds really seem all that stellar in terms of winning, but they would be extremely fun to play. NippleWing, in particular, seems quite cheap in terms of the monies. There is already someone at my store who has the NippleWing ready and done, and my originality OCD is kicking in. What does appeal to me is The Black Rage Apocalypse box set. The price and the awesome factor really make it quite the option.

We shall see what comes down the pipe. Death Company would really be cool, but we shall see. There is a beam of hope: The rate of expansions may provide some cool options down the way. For those who read this stream of consciousness, thank you.

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