Thursday, September 5, 2013


Besides being a well known song created by System of a Down, it has been the recent buzz word for some of my readings and snooping through various internet chatter.


As I continue to play various games in the MOBA genre, this negativity has been particularly evident. While I acknowledge the frustrations of under-performing teammates, there is truly no need to go to such lengths to insult and belittle the individual. I have been primarily on the receiving end of this harassment, and frankly it ruins the game.

There are supposed tools to help relieve this issue. Specifically in League of Legends, I found a blurb that said that over 280,000 players had "their behavior changed" by their Tribunal system. After doing some quick math and some generous estimates, that's really only about 5% of the player base that has been "revitalized." I'm not particularly impressed with this data, and frankly, I think the toxicity is still overwhelmingly high. Through a number of factors, including Free to Play, separate downloadable client, and low graphical requirements, it attracts an ungodly amount of players, which increases the chance for a terrible teammate. I may have to start going back to silencing all other teammates that I encounter after immediately entering the game. DOTA 2 has been moderately better for a reduced amount of negativity, which I definitely appreciate.


While the NOVA has just passed and many gamers have come and gone enjoying every moment of it, there are still some in the pits of hell that continue to foster an unnatural hatred for 40K and any legitimate attempts to enjoy the game. To me, this prattle is not worth anybody's time. At the point that I find myself not enjoying the game for whatever reasons, I will make that decision to move on. I don't understand the prickly (that's putting it nicely) attitude that these individuals throw at gents who like 40K. It bothers me that this exists, but I can't stop it really. As far as I'm concerned, I am part of an excellent gaming group at Arkham Games. I have hosted half a dozen or more events at the store, and I look to continue that trend.

Now What?
Overall, I think that the negativity really stems from the media outlet that I am receiving these inputs. In short, the internet is filled with the hate of a thousand raging nerds, and I need to leave it at the bottom of the ocean where it belongs.

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