Sunday, September 22, 2013

Theros: Block of Awesomeness

As I continue to see cards from the newest set of Magic: The Gathering, I am once again pulled into the set through theme alone. Innistrad was an amazing set; it definitely takes the cake as my favorite set to ever come out. The gothic horror theme was perfect all the way through; the power level of the set, however, was simply too high. Miracles were a complete mistake, and the cards from the set completely tore apart the meta-game. This set, however, looks to strike that balance through a number of its mechanics. Devotion makes the gods a reasonable investment with a high cost to effectively utilize. Monstrous allows a number of the cards to become crazy good, but the mana cost is incredibly high. I’m looking forward to this slower, creature based set. Finally, I will be able to play a number of cards from the Return to Ravnica block that were otherwise too dang slow. In addition, the aggro player in me is totally fine with the meta-game shifting away from control and spell-based decks.
 The pre-release surely did not let me down. I definitely loved playing a limited format with this set, and I found a lot of very good cards overall for standard and other formats. Once again, I found myself nicely in the money concerning pulls, and I traded for some really nifty stuff. With another rotation hitting my collection, and therefore my wallet, rather hard, I find playing standard to be a little bit tedious. Frankly, I don't have the time nor the desire to throw a ton of money down on Magic, so I will make do with whatever cards I can come across. I look forward to other events from this set.

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