Friday, September 27, 2013

Peace of Mind

I have finally come to rest about a certain problem that I have been having; League of Legends is an unbalanced, toxic game that I can simply not take seriously. I won’t play the game unless I am playing with friends, and I just don’t care about ranked play. I have too many serious obligations in my life to even give a couple brain cells worth of caring about League ranked play. As a competitive game, Riot Games has created a nice fa├žade of true “intense” competition, which, in reality, doesn’t achieve a positive experience for any player looking to improve and succeed by themselves. Their balancing team is absolutely horrible, and the funds, which should be in the game balance department, go to stupid things like Forecast Janna.
Rant Over.
I recently purchased two awesome PS3 games: Diablo 3 and Kingdom Hearts 1.5. Funnily enough, both of these games are reboots, platform shifts that create a fantastic redesign in game play and graphics. Diablo 3 has been improved for multiplayer play, and the game has really translated well into console. There is also no online cash shop, which really makes the game perfect for a party experience. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 has a new redesign for the first Kingdom Hearts and the DS game Chain of Memories. I have gone through a new play-through of Kingdom Hearts, and I am loving it. Both games are extremely fun, and I have been totally satisfied with my purchases.
Forget League; DOTA 2 is better :P

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