Friday, August 30, 2013

Some Concerns Regarding FAQs and Their Rulings

I have been taking a look at various FAQs for major tournaments, and I have some beef with their decisions. A number of the rulings go contradictory to the overall GW published FAQ. Unless I am gravely mistaken, there is no ruling concerning Njal and his ability to hit flyers with his Lord of Tempests rule. Because of this, the non-specific (in fact, stupidly broad ruling) concerning Flyers and auto-hit weapons seem pretty clear to me; Njal can’t hit flyers with his ability. Well, the NOVA did not rule that way, and it frustrates me a tad. There is a very cynical line of reasoning that I have for it, but I’ll share the more reasonable concern.
    From my own gaming philosophy, I believe that the developers have some basic goals and intentions when they create games. They intend certain characters, rules, wargear or whatever to have a certain basic purpose within the game. The competitive 40k scene is just about the only game that I find myself wanting to modify for improvement. I am totally ok with tournaments creating their own mission packets and generate new and exciting ways to play this game. I think, however, that rules FAQs are one of the few ways Games Workshop makes a contribution to the competitive rules based elements of the game. In my opinion, all tournament organizers should respect their rulings; they are, in the case, the expert of the rules. To create rules contradictory to the GW FAQ seems problematic at best to me. For any rules that are unclear or truly unanswered, they are totally open to each tournament’s ruling.
    When I narrow my thinking to my own local gaming community, which is the primary location for my competitive 40k scene, I think we have to establish most of our rules disputes based on the rules as written. This is simply to have a overall set of concepts and judgements that define our rules negotiations. In addition to this, we have a number of players that visit Arkham Games for 40k tournaments only, so it is important that we have a designated set of rules based off the rules as written. “House rules” go against my personal philosophy of gaming, and I feel fairly strongly about that.
    I apologize for the slight rant, but I think I am not alone in this line of logic. What do my readers think?

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