Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Daemons Too Stronk

I have been playing a few games, and I have been thinking about the new 40k Daemons codex. It has been one of the most fun armies that I have ever played. The sheer power of four Flying Monstrous Creatures flying at the enemy is quite a sight. I think the list I have been playing has been pretty powerful, but there are some elements that I need to alter. Here are my thoughts so far:
  • I still can't decide on an appropriate troop choice for the army. Bloodletters seem to do really against Marines, but they aren't necessarily fast or durable. I feel like I may need to try Daemonettes for their speed or the Plaguebearers for their durability. 
  • Fiends are not quite as good as they used to be. They are now 3 wounds each, but they are only S4, which is an issue. They get a dickload of attacks, but it doesn't make up for their weak body. 
  • Flamers are still very useful, but not quite as broken. Very nice for taking out backfield infantry. 
  • I don't think Daemons need allies at all. I think they are best served going by themselves. 
  • The Warpstorm chart really isn't that bad. There are a few choices that can really suck, but overall, I don't mind it. I still haven't tried any of the gift charts other than taking a portalglyph. 
Please share with me any thoughts you may have on Daemons. 


  1. I'm having a fair amount of success with a mix of Daemonettes and Plaguebearers. The latter hold the backfield while the former concentrate on killing my opponent and taking his objectives. I've also been impressed by the Soul Grinder. It's nowhere near as dangerous as most of the other Daemon units, but it's relatively cheap, durable, and has a little something to threaten everybody. Also, what configuration of Daemon Prince are you using? I've been running one with MoS, Wings, and Biomancy for mobile buffing and shooting.

  2. I have been using the Daemon Prince as a Mark of Khorne with Wings and 3+ armor. I run a Bloodthirster in the list, so these become Heavy Support choices instead of HQs. I am interested in the Soul Grinder for the Skyfire weapon, but I think Vector Strikes can do at least a little damage to flyers.
    In terms of models, I have a lot of Horrors and Bloodletters, but I only have about 18 Plaguebearers and 10 Daemonettes :/. I'm gonna give that a shot though; it sounds like a really good combination.

  3. Lash of Despair has been pretty handy on my winged Slaaneshi Prince. 2d6 S6 hits at BS 5 can really do some damage. I initially took it to deter flyers, but it's done pretty well at swatting light vehicles and infantry as well. The Harvester cannon is nice, but the main thing is that its attached to an AV 13 Walker with an invulnerable save and a powerfist. It can soak up an inordinate amount of firepower and makes for decent board control.