Sunday, May 12, 2013

Crawling Out of the Abyss

So, this past weekend, I have been attempting to play some serious League of Legends. I have played about a dozen or so ranked games.

It leaves me with only a scrap of my soul left.

The game doesn't really reward a player for skilled play. It really only rewards those lucky enough to not have a completely idiotic team. Don't get me wrong; I have made my fair amount of mistakes. I didn't play super hot every game, but I was at least trying to play intelligently.

Riot, you are gonna need to SERIOUSLY rethink your solo-que ranking system. It really doesn't give anyone anything, minus a headache and a raging hatred for humanity. Clearly, it doesn't suit anyone who isn't willing to dedicate a boatload of time to the game or willing to spend money for the champs that really shine. Anyone who has played enough League knows that getting that 6800 champion takes a LONG ASS TIME.

I'm frankly disinterested and dissatisfied with League at the moment. Maybe once Riot can eliminate the horrible part of the community, I can go back to Ranked and attempt to play the game as it was intended. Until then, I stick to my random normals games with friends.

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