Monday, April 29, 2013

Dragon's Maze: Pre-Release Experience

This past Saturday, I participated in the Dragon's Maze Pre-Release hosted by Arkham Games. I chose Golgari as my guild, and my ally was Grull creating the best shard ever!

I ended the tournament 3-2, but I received over $40 in cards over the night! I definitely would not complain about this. It was a fairly fun tournament. I felt that the whole "running the maze" idea was cool, but it was not implemented well at all. Really, it required the guilds to have at least one 5-0 or 4-1 to have any hope of completion. I felt this wasn't terribly fair.

I'm thinking that limited formats will be much improved with the inclusion of Dragon's Maze cards. They compliment the other two sets very well, and it gives the format some much need variety. I felt that both Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash were too limited in scope. You drafted only one or two guilds, or you will be last. Now, Dragon's Maze can really enhance the game. I think I may find myself playing more limited with Dragon's Maze, definitely come summer.

I still want to keep playing Jund in Standard. It may eventually move into a different style of deck, but I am LOVING three colors in Standard. Getting the lands really made the deck work. I used to prefer two colors, but with Shocks and Buddies, there is no reason not to play three colors.

Still trying to get myself moving on my Gdub hobbying, but class takes precedence.

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