Monday, March 25, 2013


League of Legends was becoming a very difficult game to enjoy. The community is horrible, and the game just was not clicking for me. That changed with the new ping system Riot implemented into the game.

Now the pings will give more specifics concerning their nature. There is a MIA ping, an OMW ping, a SOS ping, and a general ping. They are all distinct in nature, and they are rather easy to use on the map.

Well, that's pretty cool, but why did it revitalize the game for me? Frankly, I can now mute every other player, still communicate effectively with them, and enjoy myself while playing the game. It may be a slightly intolerant method of playing the game, but it really did make my games a whole lot easier to play.

Kudos to Riot; they really do care about their customer base.

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