Monday, March 25, 2013

Forever in Jund

A metaphor I am rather fond of in the plateau of success. For most people, there is a rapid acceleration upwards in terms of learning, understanding, and improving at a certain skill or task. However, this acceleration slows down, and it eventually levels out into the plateau.

I have finally found myself over that plateau and finally on a steady incline of progress and overall satisfaction with Magic: The Gathering. It has taken me quite some time to get over the net-decks, smelly assholes, and the whiners, but I feel that I can now play the game as I see fit with no qualms.

This new found satisfaction has led me to find the color combination that really suits my playstyle: Jund (Red/Green/Black). I love all of the cards it allows me to play, and I think it has some awesome stuff in standard right now. Currently, I am playing a Jund Aggro strategy, but it has been evolving slowly as I play it. It's a very fun deck, and I am glad to be playing it.

Secret Deck Tech in Gatecrash: Simic Elves. Do it.  

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