Friday, March 1, 2013

An Interesting Debate

Earlier today I found this interesting discussion concerning two of the major players in the MOBA genre of games.

I will say that I have not ever played DOTA 2, but I did play some DOTA in its original incarnation as a WC3 mod.

Overall, I find myself falling out of favor with League. I can't bring myself to really truly care about the game enough because it creates a teamwork environment that is inherently not about teamwork. It's about who fed and who became fed and destroyed the enemy team. The same is true in games like Call of Duty. One team has a guy that went 30-2 because he got enough kills to pick up an extreme amount of kill-streak perks, and he carried the team. The other team, however, has a guy that went 2-20, ramboing into anything that could possibly kill him.

People tell me all the time that pre-mades are the way to go in terms of playing League, but frankly, I don't want to have to get 4 other people to play just so I can actually enjoy the game (which is not even necessarily true, but I won't get into that pile of shit). The game was intended to have a MMO solo que element. If that isn't a viable way to actually play the game... then it is clearly failing in one of the major components of the game. One of the major reasons I love World of Warcraft is the ability to play by yourself in a competitive or casual environment. I can easily solo-que into a dungeon group, finish the dungeon, and not lose my mind. If we have a troll, kick him from the group!

In addition, I can't help but absolutely rage over this game. It's not worth it to me to play the game on an mental level. The mentality I go into a game of League is less of a positive, "Let's win this!" but a mentality of "I really hope we don't lose; I don't want to have to put up with bitching for 20 minutes until surrender." Where is the fun in playing a game like that? I don't play to win, but I play to not lose? Fuck that.

I would be interested in trying out DOTA 2, just to see if perhaps the MOBA genre is just not for me.

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