Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lonely Winter 40k Tournament Results

Lonely Winter 2/2/13 40k Tournament   
1st- Adam Growden 34.5 Orks 3-0
2nd- Jordan Mace 18 Imperial Guard 3-0
3rd- Ryan M. Magusiak 19.5 Necrons 2-1
4th- Chris Briles 16.6 Chaos 2-1
5th Dalten Fisher 15.5 Necrons 2-1
6th Tyler Lark 19.5 Dark Angels 1-2
7th Joshua Wojcik 17.9 Space Marines/Orks 1-2 (Best Painted)
8th Pj Brady 15.5 Chaos 1-2
9th Jarred Mace 12.5 Space Marines 0-3
10th Danny Higdon 6.5 Chaos 0-3 (Most Awesome General)
Lonely Winter 2/9/13 40k Tournament
1st Phil Mcafferty 3-0 30 VP Daemons
2nd Joshua Wojcik 2-1 25 VP Space Marines/Orks
3rd Chris Briles 2-1 23 VP Chaos
4th Chris Bonello 2-1 15 VP Necrons
5th Adam Parsons 2-1 14 VP Daemons (Best Painted) 
6th Kyle Kirby 1-2 16.7 VP Blood Angels
7th John See 0-3 15 VP Dark Angels
8th Liam Rafter 0-3 8 VP Space Wolves (Most Awesome General)
These were the results from the two days of 40k gaming that occurred the past two Saturdays. The games were definitely very close at certain points, and people seemed to have a good time. The second day had some issues due to attendance, but overall it worked out in the end.
After these two tournaments, I think that the formula for hosting 40k tournaments at Arkham Games in 6th edition has been solidified. The only adjustment is to add a multiplier to the second and third games to make each game weighted equally in terms of Victory Points. Otherwise, all of the rules seemed to work out well.

Hopefully, with the advent of this "plug and play" tournament set-up, I can pass the reigns onto some other individuals to have them run 40k tournaments!

Sometime in April, there will be a doubles tournament hosted. Allies will be the rules for team interactions.

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