Saturday, January 19, 2013

Red Deck Wins

So, there has been a recent pattern that has developed in my gaming. When I am at school, I play a ton of Warhammer 40k, and I play some Magic: the Gathering on the side. When I am at home, however, suddenly, Magic seems to consume most of my time and gaming energy.

I recently completed my Mono-Red Deck, fondly referred to as Red Deck Wins. This deck has reinvigorated my love for the color Red. Red has always been my favorite color in Magic, but up until recently I found myself disheartened by the color overall. Return to Ravnica has been very friendly to Red, and I am ready to take it up as my main color.

The deck is fast and furious, with plenty of Haste and Burn spells. I plan to make a post about the list and the elements of the deck. Gatecrash is nearly here, so that will likely change the deck up a good bit. I find myself having tons of fun, even against horrible matchups. I think this is a good thing overall, and I'm excited for the future in Magic!


  1. Used to run the old Sligh deck back in the day. Look it up if you are not familiar. It runs a beautiful mana curve in order to get consistent draws.

  2. Here is the mana curve.

    Counting the sideboard, the mana curve looks like this:

    1cc: 9-13
    2cc: 6-8
    3cc: 3-4
    4cc: 2-3
    Xcc: 1-3
    Burn: 8-12

    Given this ratio, you were almost guaranteed to be able to play threats in a progressive order starting with turn one. It was this maximization of mana that gave the deck its ability to apply constant pressure on an opponent.