Monday, January 28, 2013

Gatecrash Pre-Release

Over this past weekend, I attend two Pre-Release events held at Arkham Games. My first guild was Gruul, and I ended up playing a Naya deck on the back of Gideon and Frontline Medic, with some Blood Rush added in. I placed 8th, and I won a couple packs. Gideon was immediately traded for a Huntmaster and 2 Rootbound Crags. Frontline Medic was traded for a playset of Elvish Archdruids for my girlfriends Elf deck.

The second guild was Dimir, and while I placed 19th, I had wayyyy more fun with Dimir. Consuming Abberation is a blast to play. All of the mill and discard effects were fun, and I enjoyed decking my opponents to win. I had a lot more fun the second day.

My thoughts on this new set: I kinda feel that limited will go the way of RtR. Very fun to draft early in the set, but it will tire out. Go Gruul or Boros or go home. Standard will be very lively with plenty of decks doing well and winning. Limited will be... limited in the fun (pun intended).

With some of the new cards in the set, I am building Gruul Werewolves and Dimir Zombies. The tribals always appeal to me, and I want to try them out and see how they work.

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