Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Best Game Ever?

So, the other day, some friends and I were discussing the merits of several different games. We debated why certain games were THE best game ever and why we believed this to be true. The discussions really brought up some interesting topics in my head that I thought were worth sharing.

Can you compare dissimilar games?
Well, I think at some level you certainly can. Most people play certain games for the same reasons: to have fun, to enjoy friends, and overall generate some good memories. That being said, some games are too different to truly compare properly. Poker is ENTIRELY different from Yahtzee. Dice and Cards require totally different strategies. When put into the context of having fun while playing a game, I think you ca certainly compare the two games.

Can you compare multiplayer and "single player" games?
I put single player in quotations to indicate that very games are truly single player, but they just require you and one other opponent. Certain games I think have value as you play with only yourself for support. Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer (40k and Fantasy) have value as strategy and list building games that focus on YOUR skills when facing off with another opponent. Other games like League of Legends and Twilight Imperium III require some level of cooperation with other people in order to accomplish a goal. Again, we come to the idea that you can compare the games in terms of fun had or strategy or difficulty.

After debating these two ideas, I reached a single conclusion. Games are definitely about the amount of fun had while playing them. I think games should be definied as fun or not fun based on how the person feels about them while they play. I know that I personally get very easily frustrated at other players when they choose to play incorrectly purposefully or otherwise. I prefer a 1v1 style of game. I can only lame myself for victory or defeat. Therefore, Magic and Warhammer appeal to me more than League of TI3.

Overall, people should play a wide variety of games. The more experience and wisdom you gain from games can be applied to other games, and this will increase your fun and acumen when playing games.

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  1. I was just scrolling through your posts and wanted to make what I feel is a very important point. I agree that one can compare their own personal, subjective enjoyment factor of two dissimilar games, but that is where the comparison must end. This comparison creates no definitive rule for which game is better. There is a significant difference between which game is the better game and which one is more enjoyable to you, and I can't tell if you're making that distinction or not.