Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thoughts on the NOVA

I will start this post by first saying I did not attend NOVA; I am simply commenting on the top lists and standings.

During 5th, I took a good bit of my tournament structure from the NOVA. It was very well balanced as a mission packet, and it promoted a solid happy gaming environment for competitive play. This is according to a number of folks I talked to personally and through podcasts/40k media. My only issue was the use of table quarters as a victory condition, but I was willing to compromise considering that table quarters was a deployment type.

Looking through the 2012 NOVA rules packets and mission structure, I was hesitant and skeptical of the format. I thought it did not reflect the structure and style of 6ed at all. The prevalence of table quarters and their importance in the tournament was far too great. I think that this past NOVA was not a balanced tournament at all. It was a new version of 6ed, which reflected the likes and dislikes of the tournament designers and creators. Table quarters has little to no precedent as a victory condition in this edition. It was little more than a large scale RTT with a specific set of parameters that took 6ed and altered it heavily.

As far as I am concerned, I will not be attending the NOVA unless some major modifications are made. In addition, I have little inspiration from the tournament structure. I have no intentions of using its structure and concepts for my own tournaments. It's a shame really; I was hoping it would meet the expectations they set for 5ed.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dat Hobbying

I have now returned to school and my beloved Arkham Games. I made a vow to myself that I would get much hobbying done this semester, and I have so far!

I purchased the last few elements for my Tau list, and I have painted a few more Grey Knight models. I primed my Scyrah for Warmachine. In addition, I have been working a little bit on the Tau, prepping them for the rest of the army to arrive.

One question to the readers: How would the Dark Angels models from the new Dark Vengeance set look as Fallen? A buddy of mine wants to split the set, and I am considering getting the Dark Angels. I don't play Dark Angels, but I thought they may look good painted as Fallen and used as CSM Allies in my Chaos Daemons list!

Pictures to come hopefully, along with some excellent Battle Reports.