Thursday, May 31, 2012

6th Edition 40k: My Thoughts

Well, it is official. The new rules set for 40k is going to come out sometime this next month or two. Wow. I don't even feel like 5th edition has lasted long enough to warrant a new rule set. Perhaps it is the slow and arduous process for a 15-20 year old income to support the hobby. It has become very expensive as time has elapsed.

For me, I eagerly anticipate the new rules set. It seems to me that Games Workshop would not alter the game in such a drastic way. 4th to 5th was a great improvement. Why shouldn't 5th to 6th be a similar improvement?

In any event, I will be playing 40k no matter how the new rule set turns out. I have invested too much time and effort into it to not continue to paint, play, and have fun. I have many friend groups based around the game, and I have no intention of losing them.

Keep your fingers crossed guys. I am hoping the game will be improved.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dawn of the Dead

A picture of my newly acquired Necrons. A buddy of mine, who is
proudly serving in the Marines in Electronic Aviation, gave them to me
for safe keeping. Thank you Brandon!
I'll be trying them out and seeing what is cool about the Necrons.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Battle Missions 3- Scorched Earth

The third and final CSM mission. The mission featured a modified table quarters mission with a 9" bubble on your quarter. The win condition was D3+2 objectives, same sort of scoring and everything. The major difference in the game was the terrain. Every piece of area terrain had either dangerous or +1 cover save, AND it blocks line of sight. A retcon to 4th edition? Hmm.. interesting.

It was the same lists as Black Crusade, with my friend PJ. It was a very slow and boring game. Neither of us could really get good lines of sight to each other, and I put my Dreadnoughts in a terrible position. The action increased at turn 4 with some intense combats. PJ put the smackdown on me, and he handily captured the objectives.

My grade for the mission: C+. With 5th edition codexes, 5th edition lists and 5th edition terrain, the area terrain blocking LoS is TERRIBLE. It makes the game incredibly boring and unfun. The objectives and deployment are perfectly fine, but the rest of the additions made the game incredibly boring.

Here are the pictures:

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