Monday, December 10, 2012

The Conclusion of my Fall 2012 Semester

As of today, I have completed my last day of classes for college this semester. I have learned a lot in all of my classes, and I have found out some details I'd rather not have figured out.

It is unfortunate to me that the humanities classes are so subjective. There is an unfortunate lack of standardization for the study, and it does genuinely irk me. It would not be so difficult that a department could sit down and collaborate to create a rubric. It has definitely taught me that I NEED to create a rubric for my own English classes, once I begin teaching.

The one benefit from this semester: I have found my writing improving immensely. I think this blog has helped that endeavor, and the countless essays have also contributed to this improvment. I hope that I continue to improve with next semester, and I fully intend to blog more thoroughly next semester. I really enjoy blogging, and I want to keep it alive and well.

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