Monday, October 1, 2012

Magic the Gathering: Return to Ravnica

This past Saturday, I played in the Return to Ravnica pre-release event. I was intially going to play Selsyna, but I traded with a friend last minute to play Azorious. I went 2-3 on the evening, with three Azorious mirror matches (which boiled down to, who could detain what the hardest).

The event was fun and interesting, but I wasn't able to get a good sense of the types of cards coming out. Seeing the same W/U cards doesn't really inspire me. Limited format thoughts: Rakdos is way too good in limited. Selsyna and Golgari are a little too slow to be competitive. Izzet does well in the retardedly large amount of removal and general spell speeds.

I am not terribly fond of the set so far. I thought that Innistrad block was far more interesting and fun. However, with the removal of Scars block, I want to build a U/W lifegain deck using a number of the detain cards I picked up, along with strong lifegain cards such as Drogskol Reaver and Serra Avatar.

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