Monday, October 1, 2012

40k Hobby Progress

I have made some tremendous steps this semester: I have possibly completed all of the purchases I will make for ALL FOUR OF MY 40K ARMIES! These armies are built to 1,500 points currently, for that is my preferred point limit. My Grey Knights will likely expand beyond that point limit in the future, but that is a future investment. I finished assembling the Psyflemen, who are ready to wreck face.

I did decide to split a Dark Vengeance box set, taking the Dark Angels models. These models look fantastic. I thought that the Assault on Black Reach set was good; this set takes the cake. I was concerned that the Dark Angels iconography would be overly incorporated, but it is manageable. The models will be painted in the Fallen Pre-Heresy colors (black and silver with bits of red They will work perfectly with my Chaos Daemons (which may require some level of modeling/purchasing, but there is at least a legal list amongst the collection :P)

Amazingly enough, completing the Tau force took very little purchasing. I picked up a complete Battleforce secondhand, and I purchased two upgrade kits: A Broadside kit and a Hammerhead kit. After I build these extra bits, I will have a complete Tau army as well. I have seen a boatload of discussion concerning the incorporation of allies in the Tau codex, and I may decide to do so. For now, I appreciate the tactical challenge of running them alone.

The Necrons I own are frankly complete. I really want to run the shambling horde of Warriors, complete with Resurrection Orb Lords, and Imotekh. Thankfully, I have all of the models to run this exact list :D

Granted, there is a TON of painting to get done. Lots and Lots. I am hoping that I will continue to be motivated to get these projects done. There is frankly no rush, but I want to keep making progress.

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