Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gaming Updates

Still reading and analyzing the 6e rulebook. I have been trying to get more games in to test it out, but my hours at work have increased.. so I have been unable to do so.

I went to the Magic 2013 Core Set Pre-Release last Saturday. I went 2-2-1 earning myself one pack... which contained a Garruk! I also pulled a Liliana in my Sealed Pool. Those two cards went to the completion of my Selesyna Humans ^.^;

I also have been playing World of Warcraft.. I know I poo-pooed in the past, but for 30 bucks for ALL 4 GAMES, I couldn't pass it up. It has been a great fun, and I was glad to get back into it. Snikgrot level 37 Shaman on Wyrmrest Accord.


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