Saturday, June 9, 2012

Battle Missions 5- Invasion

I still didn't have my phone (winning a bet you see). So no pictures for you!

Sean and I decided to visit Hobbytown USA, and we played a 1,000 point game. He purchased some Dark Eldar from my friend yesterday, and he wanted to try them out.

His list:
2 Haemonculi with Webway Gates and other stuff
9 Warriors with Blaster and Raider
9 Warriors with Blaster and Raider
10 Wyches with Razorflails
10 Wyches with Hydragauntlets

My list was the same Daemons list as the previous game.

The mission style was actually pretty cool and fun. There was a "Warp Rift" set in the middle of the table where a Chaos Daemon unit could deploy as if moving off the table edge. They could also Deep Strike if they so chose. An enemy unit could not move within 6" of it, or they would be destroyed (as to prevent the portal from being used).

An objective was set between the middle and halfway from each table edge, landing 4 objectives. The enemy unit could deploy anywhere 12" away from the center.

Sean and I have a very bloody game, but the Dark Eldar have a great advantage over my Daemons. In a codex with several units relying on high toughness for durability, Dark Eldar laugh at it. In addition, having some units easily generate pain tokens from all of my INFANTRY units made killing them very difficult. Sean beat me pretty handily with 2 objectives to my 1.

The mission rating: A- It was a lot of fun actually, and it was balanced! I think though it would not have worked well with another army other than Daemons, however. So, the mission is perfect for its intention: A Daemon specific scenario, hence the high grade. I wouldn't recommend it though for any other army to substitute as the Daemon player.


  1. Interesting setup; how are you finding the Daemons overall? Agreed that DE are a rough matchup for them. Daemons just have no way to deal with massed Splinter fire other than praying for the first shot and bad flicker field/cover saves.

  2. I have been having a lot of fun with them actually! They are far more interesting to play than other armies. The deep striking really adds a level of flexibility and intrigue that I enjoy. With this bonus though, comes the risk of enduring the deep strike mishap table, which is not kind.
    I wonder though how they would play in standard missions; the battle missions are definitely geared for the Daemons to have a slight advantage.
    I am still debating how I want to run my final daemon list. There are a lot of different viable builds I have seen over the years, and I just have to find the one that inspires me.

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    1. They actually play pretty well in the standard missions, depending on build. Daemons have alot of good if inconsistent shooting, are great in assault, and are probably the best geared codex to wreck vehicles in assault.

      The trickiest part for me has been Daemonic Assault. It forces you to have multiple battle plans for every game, because there's no way to be sure which units you'll have available at any given time.

      I started out trying to balance my forces evenly, but that allowed opponents to focus fire on specific units and cripple my assault/shooting capability as needed. Lately I've been dividing them into shooty/assault elements just to get some predictability. It's been working out surprisingly well.