Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Battle Missions 4- Night Fight

I apologize ahead of time for the lack of pictures; neither of us had our cell phones in order to take pictures. We still played a hilariously awesome game though!

I played my Daemons against my friend PJ and his small force of Eldar. Both of us wanted to play a side army for these missions, mostly because my Daemons are not up to snuff.

My Daemons list

Great Unclean One-175
Unholy Might

16 Bloodletters-250
Fury of Khorne

5 Horrors-90
Bolt of Tzeentch

5 Horrors-90
Bolt of Tzeentch

5 Plaguebearers-75

5 Daemonettes-70

An Undivded Chaos Daemons list. This list simply had all of the models I own for Daemons.

Pj's list:

5 Dire Avengers
10 Harlequins with Shadowseer
5 Fire Dragons
5 Pathfinders
Wave Serpent with basic guns
Falcon with Pulse Laser and Scatter Laser

This mission had an interesting deployment. The deploying army had to deploy in a random set-up with quarters divided into triangles. 1-4 indicated one of the triangles and 5-6 was player choice. Daemons deep strike, so they did not have to do such things. Win condition was  D3+2 objectives; we rolled a 1, creating 3 objectives spread across the middle of the board.

Pj deployed and managed to get most of his units together in the far left corner hiding. I deep struck, surrounding him, minus the Plaguebearers who deployed in the farthest objective.

It was a bloody game. As the mission title suggests, the entire game had night fight. Fantastic for Daemons, but it is not fantastic for Eldar, who have zero searchlights or acute senses. Pj flubbed some important night fights, preventing the Falcon from shooting until turn 3, for example.

I essentially tabled Pj. It was a ridiculous game! Eldrad took a wound from Perils, Skulltaker flubbed a 2+ save against an Eldritch storm, Horrors beat two Harlequins in combat, and other crazy stuff! Tons of fun, and we both were able to bring less frequently played codexes.

Mission rating: A solid B. The Night Fight rule is crazy, and the Deployment can be nuts as well. Only the Daemon deep striking or the Daemons substitute really has an advantage here. Pj got very lucky with his deployment rolls, but it could have screwed him. Otherwise, the mission is perfectly fine.

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